Helpful Information

Calling Natal from abroad

The telephone code for Natal is 84, so if you are calling someone in Natal form abroad, you should dial +55 84 plus eight digits.


Tourism Centre

Rua Aderbal de Figueiredo 980
, Natal
Tel: (84) 2211 – 6218

Natal International Airport

The airport is actually located in another city. There is a shuttle service every half hour that links the airport to Natal down town. The service is free for those with a valid airline ticket with the date of the day.
Av. Ruy Pereira dos Santos, 3100
São Gonçalo do Amarante
Tel: (84) 3343 – 6060

Bus station

Buses to other cities and states departs from here.
Av. Cap. Mor Gouveia, 1237
Tel: (84) 3232 – 7310


All taxis are fitted with taximeters. There is flat initial fee for all journey, then you are changed per kilometre.
Cooptáxi – Tel: 0800-84-2255
Coopertaxi – Tel: (84) 3643 – 1183