Eating and Restaurants in Natal

Flavorsome is the food served in the restaurants in Natal

As in other cities in northeastern Brazil, restaurants in Natal are a mix many different cultures in one place, the result can only be a very rich cuisine. The indigenous Brazilians were the most influential in the Potiguar cooking because they fed primarily from seafood. Consequently, the constant presence of dishes like caranguejadas, fried fish, oyster stew, and shrimp in coconut in the coastal restaurants. Among the most appreciated fruits are pitomba, pitanga, jaca, carambolá, seriguela, cajá, jabuticaba, pinha, among many others. Tourists are not only attracted to the local cuisine, but Natal offers restaurants specialized in dishes from other regions in Brazil. 

Churrascarias (Barbecue Restaurants )

Restaurant churrasco e churrascariaIn every corner of Brazil you will find a “churrascaria”, a feast of grilled meat, mainly beef and pork, that are carved directly in your plate by the waiter. Brazilian cows and reared in open fields and that makes the meat having  a different flavor from those found in Europe and North America. With a fixed price, customers can eat as much as they want, and the waiter keeps coming to your table with a another piece of meat until you say “enough”. In Natal, there are several churrascarias, the most famous ones are Tábua de Carne and Pantanal, both in Ponta Negra, a location where other fine restaurants are located too. For those from abroad, the price is surprisingly cheap, an average U$ 15 per person. Normally is not necessary to book a table in advance, as most restaurants in Natal are spacious and rarely they are full. For a comprehensive list of all restaurants in Natal, please follow this link.

Time to check out the varied restaurants in Natal. Again, all roads lead to Ponta Negra, where most of the restaurants are. The main dishes are seafood based – specially fish stew served with Moqueca Capixaba. It is worth trying delights of local cuisine that can be found on restaurants like Mangai, Caramarões Potiguar, Paçoca de Pilão, and Tábua de Carne. The stars are “Carne de Sol”, fried or boiled yucca, green beans and milk rice.

restaurants in natal Brazil

Restaurants in Natal

In Petrópolis neighborhood you can find more regional restaurants. We mention the romantic Dolce Via, and the relaxed Krab Bistro.