Sun, Sand and Sea…

Natal is the capital city of the State of Rio Grande do Norte. It was founded by the Portuguese in
the 16th century with the construction of the Forte dos Reis Magos.
The fortress, with a format similar to that of a five-pointed star, is one of the postcards of the city. In addition to storing guns and many stories, reveals a beautiful view of the urban beaches of Natal.


The most popular is Ponta Negra, busy during the day due to its kiosks; and glorious when the sun goes down to bring together some of the best local bars and restaurants. In many of them, the menu is full of typical delicacies of regional cuisine to seafood-based, meat-of-sun, green beans, rice with milk …


The day starts early for Natal. The first step is to rent a car – preferably a buggy – to move the capital and surrounding areas. Following to the north coast, the highlights are the Genipabu dunes and lagoons of Jacumã and Pitangui, where are practiced esquibunda and aerobunda. To the south, the quiet beaches of the region lead to the village of Pipa, 90 km.


When it comes to shopping, craft markets are all around Natal offer pieces of wood, fabric and glass. In the Tourism Center, a big house that in the past was the county jail, the highlights are the delicate embroidery lace labyrinth and colorful ceramic works.